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Emergency Dental Services in Calgary

At Dentistry at Market Mall, our priority is to get all of our patients out of pain as quickly as possible. If you have a tooth ache, a badly bitten lip, have had a tooth knocked out, or have a chipped tooth or a lost filling, we will ensure that you are seen promptly. 

The following are some of the most common dental emergencies. Follow the advice below to better manage them.


We don't want to hear that our patients are in pain.  If you have a tooth ache, please call us right away. It could be a sign of infection or you may need an extraction or root canal. 

To ease your pain, you can take an over-the-counter pain remedy that can make you more comfortable. You can also try holding an ice pack against your face where you are experiencing pain.

Badly Bitten Lip or Tongue

If you have a badly bitten lip or tongue, try your best to control the bleeding. You can use a clean cloth and bite down and apply pressure to the affected area.

If the lip is swollen, use an ice pack to keep the swelling down. If the bleeding doesn'tt stop, go the hospital right away.

Knocked Out Tooth

There is a small chance that a permanent tooth that has been knocked out can be saved if you call us right away. If a tooth is placed back within 10 minutes there is a good chance of it taking root again. After 2 hours, it is less likely for us to be able to save your tooth. 

Once a tooth is lost, the nerves and blood vessels cannot be repaired. However, the bone can reattach to the root of the tooth once it's put back into place.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

The good news is, broken or chipped teeth can almost always be repaired. If it's a small break, your dentist can use a filling to repair your smile.

If the break is serious, a root canal may be needed. 

There are many dental procedures that can help your restore your teeth to their natural look and function.

Lost Filling

Put a piece of softened gum in the spot where the filling was lost. This will help protect the area for a short period of time. 

See a dentist as soon as possible. If you leave a lost filling for too long, there is a chance that you might need a root canal as bacteria can begin to grow in the space. 

Something Stuck Between Teeth

If you get something caught in your teeth, it can be very frustrating.  First, try using dental floss, to remove or loosen the piece of food. 

Never poke between your teeth with anything sharp that can damage your gums or scratch the tooth surface. 

If you can't remove the object, we have thin dental instruments that can easily get within the cracks of your smile. 

What's New?

5 Reasons Your Teeth Might Hurt

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From Our Team:

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