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Dentistry Services for Children

At Dentistry at Market Mall in Calgary, our dentists know that family is important to you. That's why we put the effort in to keep your children's oral health on track.

At Dentistry at Market Mall, we have many years of experience treating the growing smiles of our patients. We treat our patients like family, which is why we want to make sure your child maintains their oral health.

What to expect at your child's first dental visit

We will educate your family on good home care routines and ensure that your children start off on the right foot.

From the very first visit, we want your child to feel welcomed. Our dedicated team will walk you through the process. We'll teach them how to brush away all of those "sugar bugs" and have some fun with it.

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How often should your child visit the dentist?

Just like you, your child should visit the dentist at least twice a year. We invite you to bring your child in for a "Happy Visit" around the age of 3 to meet us and see what we do. Your child will be introduced to "Mr Thirsty" (suction) and get to go for a "ride" in the chair. 

Ensuring a positive dental experience for your child

If you are a nervous dental patient, ask your spouse or another family member to bring your child for the appointment.

If your child senses that you are nervous, he or she may feel nervous too. When you talk to your child about going to the dentist, explain what will happen without adding things like “it won’t hurt” or “don’t be scared.”

Get an early start on regular dental care at home. 

Start cleaning your child’s mouth with a soft damp cloth before teeth come in and continue with a soft toothbrush once he or she has a first tooth. 

Also be sure to limit the number of sugary treats you give your child, and focus on healthy food choices from the very beginning.

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From Our Team:

  • I love getting to know our patients and making them feel welcome at our dental office. When you work in the dental industry, you can’t help but notice a great smile!
    - Dr. Neville Headley

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